Alvin S. Liwag is a registered physiotherapist, painter, graphic artist, photographer.

He would love to here from you. Just leave a comment on this page.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Which Liwags are you related to–from Nueva Edija?

  2. So your family name is Liwag also? Probably we are relatives! I love your blog are you a painter? I’m also a painter!

    • Yes, my family name is Liwag, and I thought that we are probably related somehow (the Liwag hairline and eyebrows): what with all of the Liwags in Gapan.

      No, I am not a painter, but I am an amateur photographer, and I love to work on photographs with Adobe Photoshop. I love your photographs.

      I am a writer, but I have had a bit of writer’s block for the past month or so. Please visit my blog again.

  3. yes, we are related. all liwags are. all of us originated from gapan.

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